Gillian Holden Donald

Bio: In the blink of an eye, your whole world can change. Leaving you with feelings of despair. In some quantum universal twist of faith, it uproots and just like that - we are left with questions unanswered, nostalgic heartache, the coldness of loneliness, the fear of the future. We get two choices. We Rise or We Fall. The choice is entirely in your hands. I choose to rise. To grow. To learn. To teach. To give back to other women. To help heal the heart that has been broken. To find clarity in an all too often and familiar unanswerable world. I choose to rise above. To say - I am ENOUGH. I am more than ENOUGH. I am love, I am peace. I am happy and I am grateful. Thank you, the universe for this new and exciting path. Thank you, the universe, for recognizing that I need to find me. Let's begin the journey as Warriors. Let's begin this journey as Women Warriors. Let us create a tribe of Women Warriors who will follow suit, and embrace the change that is before them! You are Woman. You are Fierce. You are Ready!

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