Gill Holden - Writer

Bio: I am an architect of words. Careful in their intricate placement and I am an explorer of the spirit. I bring the soulful experience to life and I unlock the heart, to find the healing treasure buried deep within. I share the combination of the senses we are gifted, and the paths we are placed upon as an answer to our own universal journey. I change the question, “Why is this happening to me”, to “What can I learn and how can I evolve”. Ready to take on the journey of self-discovery, fans of my work are in the process of awakening. My writing is the epiphany that they are willing to explore. A delve into the unknown, untouched and untapped potential of the mysterious world we live in, the magic within our own being and the vibration and healing when we combine the mind, the earth and the universe. I am a self-professed lover of nature’s healing power. Through my own pain, I have searched within, I have explored and I was drawn to encourage others to seek the power and essence of nature, to heal our hearts, our minds and our spirits. My goal is to share my journey of self-discovery, bringing to life the fundamental elements of healing, growing and sharing. It is the basic concept of searching within our own soul, as a vessel for manifesting the magical power of reaching our enriched, fulfilled and higher self. I plan to explore both traditional and self-publishing options as I begin my journey of introducing my passage of self, and my theory on life, love and loss, to whoever wishes to follow my path.

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